TABCTime is a convienent web-based training solution

TABCTime is a provider of regulated government accredited online certification training courses. The TABCTime courses are created for the hospitality industry including: restaurant, bar, convenience store and grocery employees and managers. As a leading competitor of online alcohol seller/server certification training courses, TABCTime provides a convenient alternative to traditional classroom based instruction without compromising the quality of training that you expect. The two main components of the training solutions include interactive, self-paced alcohol seller and server certifications.

Online TABC Certification

Approved for 2 hours, no time limit, official printable TABC Certificate upon completion. Just $17.00!

  • TABC Training & Certification
  • Work at your own pace
  • Instant access to your certificate


About Our Online Alcohol Seller & Server Certification Training

TABCTime’s online alcohol seller and server certification training courses are recognized and approved in the state of Texas. Additional states are coming soon. For areas that do not have an accreditation program, the TABCTime course will provide employers and sellers/servers with an official certification and verification of training by a 3rd party that can be used in court cases for reasonable defense efforts and insurance discounts. TABCTime is recognized for liquor liability insurance discounts by major liquor liability underwriters. Call us today for details about insurance discounts.

Here are some of the TABCtime.com TABC certification course features:

  • Self-paced course – take it as fast or as slow as you like; you just need to pass the quizzes and final exam
  • The course is available 24×7 to fit your busy schedule
  • Secure registration and payment processes
  • Multiple payment options – we accept PayPal as well as all major credit cards
  • Integrated audio narration and course overview
  • Mastery-based short quizzes to ensure you pass the final exam
  • Printable official TABC certificate upon course completion – no more waiting for your TABC certificate via snail mail
  • Fax, regular mail, certified mail, and overnight shipping of your TABC certificate are available if you do not have a printer
  • Fast entry into the TABC seller-server certification database

TABC Course Outline

Our online TABC certification class consists of an introduction, four lessons, a conclusion, and a final exam. View our Course Outline for a detailed description of what is covered in our online TABC course. The final exam consists of 25 multiple-choice questions and you must score at least 70% in order to pass the exam.

Course Validation

Per TABC regulations, our online TABC class includes a personal validation system. The validation system is used to authenticate you as a user while you progress through the TABC course. Before you may begin the course, you must answer the personal validation
questions. It is important for you to remember your answers to these questions as you will be required to answer these same questions at random times throughout our online TABC certification course.

Self-Paced Course

This is a self-paced online TABC certification class, which means you can take the course at your own speed. You can login/logout as much as you wish and your position in the course will be saved as you go. You can take the course as fast or as slow as you would like – you just need to pass the short quizzes and final exam.

Getting Your Official TABC Certificate

Upon completion of our online TABC certification course and final exam, you can print a copy of your official TABC certificate. Your official TABC certificate will be emailed to you so that you can print it later if needed. You can also login to your account at anytime to print a copy of your official TABC certificate. If you do not have a printer available, we offer fax, regular mail, certified mail, or overnight delivery of your official TABC certificate for an additional fee.